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Secretary: Phone +61-2-49216042; Fax +61-2-49216991


Prof Garry Willgoose

Deputy Director

Dr Greg Hancock

Full Staff List

To ring from off campus: Unless otherwise indicated the area code is (02)
To ring from overseas: After your international access code add 612 to the front of the numbers below

Staff Member Webpage Location Phone Email
Dr Anita Chalmers Uni
Central Coast Campus: SO, E1.41 4349 4462 email 
Dr Lijie Cui Uni
Callaghan Campus; Engineering; EA230
eWater CRC

Dr Xiaoli Deng Uni
Callaghan Campus: Engineering, EA113 4921 6039 email 
Professor Wayne Erskine Uni
Central Coast Campus: SO, E1.52 4348 4152 email 
Dr Ken Evans eriss
Environmental Research Institute of the Supervising Scientist (08) 89201150 email
Associate Professor Stewart Franks Uni
Callaghan Campus: Engineering, EA108 4921 6053 email 
Dr Silvia Frisia Uni
Callaghan Campus: Earth Sciences 4921 5402 email
Dr Greg Hancock Uni
Callaghan Campus: Earth Sciences, G113 4921 5090 email 
Dr Anthony Kiem
Callaghan Campus: Earth Sciences 4921 8656
Dr Paula Jones CRC
CRC for Cotton Catchment Communities 4921 7439 email 
Emeritius Professor Jetse Kalma Uni
Callaghan Campus: Engineering, EA106 4921 5736 email 
Professor George Kuczera Uni
Callaghan Campus: Engineering, EA130 4921 6038 email 
Emeritius Associate Professor Bob Loughran Uni
Callaghan Campus: Geography, SRR108 4921 7439 email 
Dr Janece McDonald Uni
Callaghan Campus: Earth Sciences, GG17 4921 5509 email
Dr Tom Micevski Uni
Callaghan Campus; Engineering; EA220
eWater CRC
4921 6254 email
Dr Benjamin Renard Uni Callaghan Campus; Engineering; EA228
eWater CRC

Dr Jose Rodriguez Uni
Callaghan Campus: Engineering, EA126 4921 7376 email 
Dr Patricia Saco Uni
Callaghan Campus: Engineering, EA217 4921 6157 email
Dr Danielle Verdon-Kidd
Callaghan Campus: Earth Sciences 4921 5749
Dr Tony Wells Uni
Callaghan Campus: Engineering, EA231 4921 5741 email 
Professor Garry Willgoose Uni
Callaghan Campus: Engineering, EA121 4921 6050 email 

Explanation about the webpage links
Most members of C2IM have official webpages hosted by The University of Newcastle. They may also have pages hosted by the eWater CRC when their primary employment is the CRC. A number of members also have pages hosted by C2IM. These C2IM pages are independent of The University of Newcastle and the eWater CRC. C2IM is more flexible about webpage content so those pages tend to include more dynamic content. They may also not comply with government agency requirements on webpage format (e.g. disabled access). The content of these C2IM personal pages are the sole responsibility of that person.